Monthly Archives: Февраль 2012

OS X: Migrating to SSD «properly»

Today our target is to migrate OS X from 250GB Hitachi HDD to 160GB OCZ solid-state drive. To do it in proper way we have to take into account a few things:

  • partitions must be aligned to increase drive performance
  • GPT uses unique IDs, that is why we shouldn’t just duplicate all data from one drive to another, but create a new partition table
  • we have to use TRIM for our new SSD to increase drive life
  • it would be nice to enable noatime mount option for filesystems on SSD to minimize writes to it

It is strongly recommended to create a full image backup of your HDD first!
If it all goes wrong this is the only way you are going to get everything back.

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Gentoo + GPT + LVM + RAID5. Brain dump

Установка Gentoo на систему без EFI, с программным RAID5, возможностью расширять хранилище до гигантских размеров с помощью разметки дисков с GPT и настройки LVM поверх рейда. Для загрузки используется Grub2.

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